Are you starting to feel that new year enthusiasm wane?

If you are, you’re not alone. Summer is over (here in Oz anyway), we’re nearly ? of the way through the year (already!) and you might feel like those New Year’s resolutions were made a long time ago…

And maybe you’re finding it a little challenging to maintain your motivation, especially if you haven’t yet managed to get into a good routine of training or a habit of eating well.

If you can relate then I have an easy hack to fire you up again and propel you forward. Because once you get some momentum, then maintaining it is the easy part!

I want you to take a moment and think about WHY you started? What was it, back at the start of the year, that made you want to look better/ feel better/ take better care of yourself? And I don’t just mean something as surface level as looking good in a bikini or fitting back into your old jeans. It goes much deeper than that – even if that’s why you THINK you started.

I want you to think about the deeper why  – WHY did you want to look better in your swimmers?

Is it because you’ve been avoiding going to the beach because you don’t feel confident in yourself?  And why is THAT important? Maybe you feel guilty for not spending more time with your kids or taking them to the beach because you feel self-conscious?

Or you’re avoiding going out with friends because you don’t fit into any of your nice clothes?

There’s always a deeper WHY. And when you ask yourself one why, move deeper into the next why (and the next) to get to the real reason behind why you set a goal in the first place (even if you weren’t fully aware of that reason at the time). And when you find that deeper reason of why you started – then you’ll have all the motivation you need to keep going or to pick up where you left off.

If you’re struggling to keep up your motivation or reach your goals on your own, send me a message, I’d love to help.