What our clients say

I can hand on heart say that after trying many different gyms, personal trainers, training groups – Goddess Training is my fitness home and Amy is my Trainer of Trainers! She is amazing.

The small female-focused group training sessions are fantastic. Our group is a combination of women – all shapes, sizes, ages, physical fitness levels.

Amy somehow manages to keep a watchful eye on all of us. Keep us motivated, pushes us to do our best. Our training days are always varied.

Even with an injury or illness (happens to the best of us) Amy modifies the class so that you can still participate and keep your fitness levels up and importantly don’t stop training.

Amy’s food plan and tracking on the fitness app has also helped enormously. The combination of training and eating plan has help me to lose a few kilograms and keep up the energy levels.

After 18 months, I am absolutely addicted to my training and can truly say that that has never been the case before!

I am fitter, stronger, lighter and feel really motivated to continue to keep on Improving.

Jo Hay, Lilyfield

“I started training with Amy after struggling to lose the last few kilos after the birth of my first child. I had tried everything I thought I knew – a couple of gym classes, walking etc but nothing seemed to help me shed the last bit of baby weight.

Goddess Outdoor Fitness was recommended to me so I thought, ‘why not give it a go?’. Within a few months I had managed not only to get down to my goal weight and finally fit into my pre-baby jeans, I had energy that I didn’t know existed! I started with Mums and Bubs classes and then moved to early morning bootcamps to up the intensity. I always felt amazing after working out. I’m now pregnant with my second child and I honestly think that working out with Amy has helped me to keep my baby weight in check this time around.

The best thing about Amy is that she’s been more than happy to change the exercises to suit my pregnancy needs so I’ve been able to keep up low-intensity conditioning through this pregnancy – something I never would have dreamed of the during my first pregnancy.

I would highly recommend training with Goddess Outdoor Fitness to anyone wanting to get in shape and have fun working out with a great bunch of women”

Sarah Tabac, Drummoyne

“Amy’s bootcamp has been fantastic for me. I have always avoided exercise classes before, preferring to exercise solo (if at all), but I needed a push to get fit. I’ve been going for about a year now and I truly love it, even the early mornings. I think Amy’s an incredible trainer. She knows every group member’s particular challenges and goals, and makes every class different and even fun. Getting to know the other women in the group is a great added bonus.”

Grace Nicholas, Lilyfield

“Bootcamp with Amy has been the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. I have not only gained physical strength and fitness but also psychological strength and belief in myself. An unexpected bonus is the friendships formed, such a great bunch of women!”

Cherie Desreaux, Marrickville

“Amy is hands down the best trainer you could ever have! I’ve been lucky enough to train with her for the past three years and her sessions are tough but so much fun at the same time. No two sessions are ever the same and no matter what your fitness level, Amy’s got you covered! She’s also one of the most supportive and awesome people you could ever know! And the women who we get to train with everyday are incredible and everyone is so supportive and encouraging of each other!”

Carrie Johnston, Annandale

“When I returned back to Australia in August, I was looking for an outdoor bootcamp similar to what I did in Singapore where you can bring your kids. This was so much better! Amy is a results-driven trainer, fun, passionate about her craft and very motivational, getting the best out of your sessions. Great inspiration for others!”

Sasha Southwell, Balmain

“I am a Rozelle local and have been training regularly with Amy/Goddess Outdoor Fitness since 2013. When I decided that I wanted to join an outdoor boot camp group I looked into all the other local offerings in search of the right person. And I certainly found that with Amy. I have been able to improve and maintain my fitness all that time through bootcamp as well as other types of exercise. The reason I have stuck with Goddess Outdoor Fitness is that Amy is REALLY good at what she does. Some of the things I like best are:

Amy is the perfect role model. I believe you must lead by example and Amy’s own fitness and physique and total passion for healthy eating and exercise in an inspiration to us all. Amy is also a very steady, level-headed person, with a warm caring nature so she is the perfect temperament for working with all women groups in the early morning! Her groups are small (around 10 ladies) compared to others so Amy is able to closely observe and correct participants for technique and form which is critical for this type of exercise in order to prevent injuries and maximize results.

There is a great deal of diversity in every session: boxing, weights, core work, abs, team activities, equipment, running and much more. so no two sessions are the same. This means I don’t get bored and my body doesn’t get used to the same old thing and still gets good results I have met some great people and made some wonderful friendships through my involvement. After more than three years, the Goddesses are a part of my life and I can’t imagine it without being involved with these awesome ladies.

Thanks Amy, you have added so much to my life!

Sofia Capodanno, Rozelle

“I’ve been training with Amy for more than five years. In this time I have had abdominal surgery, been pregnant twice and brought both my young babies and toddlers to her mums and bubs sessions. I’ve also had a few minor injuries along the way. Each time Amy has tailored her training sessions to accommodate my situation. In particular, she takes great care of her post-natal mums. As a mum herself, Amy is great with kids and is known to hold a grizzly baby or two so we can get the most out of our sessions. She’s also understanding when you’re not feeling your best – for example due of a broken night’s sleep thanks to fussy babies – and will adjust her expectations accordingly. In all this time I’ve never found two sessions to be the same. Amy is always mixing up her exercises and introducing new equipment and training methods. I highly recommend Amy for all women looking to get fit in a friendly, supportive environment.”

Louise Hall, Putney

“I’ve been training with Amy for the best part of 6 years and I just love it! Amy approaches every session with warmth, expertise and a smile. During the sessions, I always feel challenged and Amy certainly knows when to push me and when to modify if i’m injured. With an encouraging style, it feels like I receive one-on-one training from Amy even when in the group sessions as she checks technique and isn’t afraid to increase the intensity level for me at times! For anyone looking to achieve health and fitness results in a supportive environment, I can’t recommend Amy and Goddess Outdoor Fitness enough!”

Cass Bell, Cammeray

“I started training with Amy six weeks after having my daughter and she is exactly what I needed to help me get back in shape. Her workouts are never boring, always challenging and adapted to the needs of the individual client, which is so important pre and postnatally. She is very understanding of the plight of the new mum and allows flexibility in training schedules, which helps to keep me motivated. Thanks Amy!”

Nicole Delaat, Balmain

“I have been training with Amy 3-4 times/week for nearly 12 months now and I can honestly say that whilst the sessions have a similar structure each week, there has been no two sessions that are the same. Not one. Mixing it up has helped me stay motivated, unlike the gym where classes just start to look the same after a while. It’s also super fun, a great bunch of girls and lovely to be outside!”

Kerrie Macalister, Lilyfield

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