One of the biggest differences we notice between women who achieve their fitness goals and get stronger and fitter every year (regardless of their age) is this:

? They train consistently all year round and they don’t let the change of season or the weather influence their routine.

We know that our goals won’t wait for perfect conditions. If we only trained on the days it was sunny (but not too hot), dry (but not too windy), cool (but not too cold), well, I think we all know how effective that would be ?

So let’s bust a few winter-training myths so you can get back to training consistently year-round, instead of taking two steps back when the cold weather hits!

? Being cold (or out in the cold) will not give you a cold. Other than sharing the same four letters, they have no connection (despite what your mum used to tell you ?). You need to be exposed to the cold virus (which, ironically, is far more likely INDOORS) to catch a cold. 

? Getting wet won’t make you sick either (see above). Besides, we train undercover if it’s really raining ?

? It’s not beneficial to take a break from training in winter. Every time you “take a break” from your consistent routine you slide backwards. You can’t expect to improve at something (or even stay as good) if you’re always taking breaks. 

? Your body doesn’t find it harder to get up when it’s dark outside, that’s just a story we tell ourselves. If you find it mentally tough to deal with the shorter days, the absolute BEST thing you can do for yourself is to exercise and get some Vitamin D on your eyeballs first thing. 

Plus, training outdoors in winter gives you huge bonus benefits for the same effort:

? You get sunlight and Vitamin D at a time of year when we need an extra boost

? You reap the rewards of feel-good endorphins (from the sunlight, fresh air and exercise combo) during a season when our mood can be lower.

? And you can avoid indoor germ-spreading environments like gyms and studios where you’re more likely to pick up viruses and infections.

So if you want to see the added benefits of training in winter for yourself, send us a DM for your free trial.