I recently took a few days off and headed up the coast with my family for some much-needed rest and relaxation (along with about half the state – nothing like 3 public holidays in a week to trigger a mass exodus from the city!).

Now I’m all for holidays and days off work – but there is one downside. If you’re like most women I speak to, holidays (especially school holidays if you have school-aged kids) tend to derail even the best-laid plans when it comes to your health and fitness.

Training schedules are disrupted and healthy eating goes out the window as you have less time to prepare your meals or you eat out more. If you head away on holidays it’s even harder as you don’t have access to your own kitchen, food or routine.

If you’ve ever told yourself “I’ll start again when the holidays are over” or “I’ll start my diet when my guests leave” or when things are less crazy/ I’m back in my usual routine/ I’m not travelling so much/ I’m not as busy…. then you are not alone. I hear this a LOT.

But the truth of the matter is, when you’re busy/ stressed/ out of routine – that is the BEST time to start. Yep, the best. Because let’s face it, things are more than likely ALWAYS going to be busy/ crazy/ out of whack to some extent.

You are ALWAYS going to have an excuse as to why now is not the best time to start – why next week is better, or next month or after this, that or the other thing. But most of the time that is a lie. Things are more than likely NOT going to be easier, or less busy or stressful tomorrow or next week or next month. Because SOMETHING ELSE will come up. Of course there are some exceptions, but general life busyness is not an excuse.

And here’s the thing: if you can instill some healthy habits and get on top of your healthy eating and training regimen when you are busy, then when things do settle down you’re going to be SO much better equipped. BUT, if you wait until that magic moment when things have “calmed down” – if such a moment ever does arise – to start, then when things inevitably get tough you’ll have no coping mechanisms to deal with that. Because you’ll only know how to stay on top of your health when things are easy. And, take it from me, that is when people fall of the wagon.

I know it can seem counter intuitive. In fact, I was speaking with a couple of my VIP clients in the past week and they were both a little frustrated with themselves for not being right on top of things from the get-go. They said they thought they probably didn’t start their program at the best time. But I told them that it’s for that exact reason that they started at the perfect time. Because chances are, life isn’t going to get much busier for them than it was when they started – and if they can make any progress, no matter how small, during that time, then they will smash it out of the park when things get back to normal (whatever that means!).

So if you’re putting off starting that thing you KNOW will make you healthier/ more energetic and living a better life, then stop with the lame excuses and just start.

If you’re not sure where to start, or you need a little push to help you on your way, then send me a message  and we can schedule a time to chat and work out how you can get healthier, lose the weight and build your ideal body, even (especially) if your life is chaotic right now.

If you want to stop putting things off and start living your healthiest life today, then I’d love you to join our 12-week Healthy Habits Transformation, either online or face-to-face in Sydney’s inner west.

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