KICK-START your health and fitness regimen this Spring!

New clients who join our Bootcamp or Mums and Bubs training groups this September will receive a BONUS personalised nutrition plan PLUS a one-on-one goal-setting consultation, worth $95.

Simply call Amy today on 0419 400 848 or complete the form below, to book a FREE TRIAL.  If you love our training then you’ll receive this bonus offer for free once you join during September.

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At Goddess Outdoor Fitness we know that training hard is only one part of the health equation – to get the amazing results you want, your diet has to be spot-on, too.

But we’re also passionate about ensuring that your ‘diet’ is not really a diet at all – it’s all about balance, enjoying the foods you like to eat and getting great nutritional value from your food so you FEEL good too.

You won’t find any super-restrictive no-carb/ cabbage soup/ low-fat diets around here because we know that if you want long-term health changes you need a diet you can stick to long-term!

So in your free goal-setting consultation we’ll take you through our flexible dieting philosophy and explain how It will help you achieve YOUR goals – whether that’s weight loss, muscle gain, body composition change or just feeling more energetic (and less hungry all the time!).

Then we’ll personally tailor a nutrition program for YOU based on those goals, and take you through the process step by step to help you achieve them.

Flexible dieting will change the way you think about food – the same method has already helped many Goddess Outdoor Fitness clients look and feel great (it’s also the method that many fitness models use to achieve their amazing physiques – all while eating chocolate on a daily basis!).

This personalised nutrition program is usually only available to our premium platinum members  and is worth $95 on its own. But we’re offering it to anyone who joins in September on any of our membership programs.

So what have you got to lose?

Complete the form below or call Amy today on 0419 400 848 to book in for your FREE TRIAL SESSION – and if you love our training and you join Goddess Outdoor Fitness in September, then the personalised nutrition program and one-on-one goal setting consultation are yours free once you start.

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Spring is here – now is the time to get started! This offer is available only until September 30 so contact us today!