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A simple, proven, results-driven program with meal plan ideas, healthy recipes and fun, effective workouts you can do anywhere, with limited time

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12-week Healthy Habits Transformation

Starts January 21

A simple, proven, results-driven program with meal plan ideas, healthy recipes (including gluten-free, dairy- free and vegetarian options) and quick, effective at-home workouts

VIG (Very Important Goddess)

Start any time

A custom-designed training program and meal plan tailored to YOUR needs. Program updates and accountability calls every 4 weeks.

Goddess 12-week Healthy Habits Transformation

New Year challenge starts Jan 21 – limited spaces available!

Our 12-week program is unlike other cookie-cutter, set-and-forget online programs out there. Once you register, you’re not just another number who’s given a meal plan and a training program and left to your own devices. We all know those programs DON’T WORK (believe me, I’ve been there!).

What does work is accountability, a clear plan of attack, access to an expert when you need them, flexibility – and did I mention accountability?

You know you need to be held accountable (let’s face it, we can all use an extra kick up the butt sometimes!).

With weekly FB live group coaching calls; accountability check-ins and direct access to head trainer Amy when you need it, there’s no falling between the cracks on this program

You’ve tried other online programs but found them overwhelming and have given up as a result.

Our 12-week Spring challenge is a simple, proven, results-driven program broken down into bite-sized chunks so you never feel overwhelmed or incapable and you’re not tempted to give up because it’s "all too much".

Other programs haven’t worked because their one-size-fits-all approach is not tailored to YOUR needs.

With direct access to head trainer Amy you can ask anything and we’ll adjust to your needs: If you have a question about the nutrition plan, we’re there for you. If you have an injury and you can’t do one of the exercises, we’ll suggest an alternative.

The support of a like-minded group of women going through a similar journey who’ve got your back, via our private Facebook group!

Meal plan ideas, healthy recipes (including plenty of gluten-free, dairy- free and vegetarian options) and shopping lists

Workouts you can do ANYWHERE with NO EQUIPMENT and LIMITED TIME (no gym membership required)

The support of a like-minded group of women going through a similar journey who’ve got your back!

If this sounds like you – and you’re ready to make a change to your health for the better, with the support of an experienced coach by your side – then click “join now” to get immediate access when the challenge starts, or scroll down and click “book a call” if you have more questions..

PRICE: $19/ week or $197 upfront.

Money back guarantee: Because I believe this program will offer you massive value and get your RESULTS, if after two weeks you feel the program is not a good fit, I’ll refund you the full cost of the program.

VIG Online Program

Very Important Goddess

Start any time!

This is the Rolls Royce of online programs (without the price tag!).

Think of me as your virtual personal trainer in your pocket (at around the cost of one PT session/ week – with INFINITELY more value).


Short on time

Want your meal plans and training program tailored personally for YOU.

Want to do things right the first go and get results without wasting time and money on systems that don’t work

In this 12-week program you’ll have direct communication with Amy who’ll deliver your personally tailored meal plan (or calorie/ macro targets depending on preference) and custom-designed training program to you via a user-friendly app, so you can follow the program from anywhere.

Initial Skype consultation to assess your goals and do a functional movement assessment.

Review and update (if required) of your training and nutrition programs every 4 weeks.

Accountability/ progress phone or Skype call with Amy every 4 weeks

Daily access to Amy via your training app for any pressing questions.

If you’re a busy, results-driven woman who’s sick of wasting time with programs that don’t work, book a call with Amy to see if you’re a good fit. VIG places are strictly limited as Amy can only take on a select number of clients.