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If you are a busy woman, who’s struggling to boost your energy, lose fat, get fitter or stronger, then I hope this guide will help you get unstuck and remove some of the overwhelm that comes with trying to work out where to start when it comes to improving your health!

Sometimes knowing what to do is not enough – you need someone to HELP you do it, to guide you through, hold your hand; support you and hold you accountable.

If you’ve struggled to do it on your own for a while now and you still feel stuck, overwhelmed and confused then I would love to help you get your mojo back and get you the results you want.

I’ve opened up a few spots in my calendar to speak with women who are ready to get great results and just need a helping hand to do it.

If that’s you, then book your FREE Fat-Loss Breakthrough Strategy Session with me now and we can talk through what’s holding you back and I will give you a plan of attack to break through those roadblocks and get the health outcomes your really want and need.

Having trained 100s of women over the past decade, I know that so many of you are exhausted, overwhelmed and struggling to get your mojo back.

There never seems to be enough time in the day to focus on YOU, and no matter how many different diets and exercise regimens you try, nothing seems to shift the stubborn kilos (or it does for a while then they creep back on).

Your energy is blah, you don’t feel confident in your own skin; it’s affecting your relationships and all you want is to feel like your old self again. You know you need to do something but you’re not sure what.

How do I know all this? Because I speak to women like you every day (and I was you once too). And after nearly a decade of coaching women to eat better, get fitter, boost their energy and regain their confidence, I know what works, what doesn’t and my superpower is helping busy women get out of their health rut and start looking and feeling amazing again (in the simplest, most uncomplicated way possible!).

When I say simple, I don’t mean easy. If you want a quick-fix, extreme plan to lose 10 kilos in 4 weeks, I can’t help you. Sure, I could tell you how to do that, but 3 months later when you’ve regained all the weight (and then some) you will not be thanking me. And if you’re anything like a lot of the women I coach and you’ve tried those tactics before, you know they don’t work. I want to get you results that last a lifetime – to instill lifelong habits that mean you never need to go on another diet again. It might take slightly longer to get there but the difference is, you’ll never have to “start again” because you will learn how to maintain your results.

I was once overweight and lacking energy; I couldn’t wear the clothes I wanted; I didn’t feel confident in a swimming costume; I was out of breath when I played sport.

I was living a pretty unhealthy life: I had a sedentary job, I drank too much, I “exercised” but I didn’t train smart (there’s a difference), I ate “quick, convenient’’ foods that piled on the weight. In fact I put on about 15 kilos in 3 or 4 years. And I didn’t know how to get back to where I was: a sporty, fit, healthy, energetic, slim girl.

I tried it all: weight-loss programs (lasted 2 weeks); the cabbage soup diet (lasted 2 days!); restricting my food, increasing my cardio… none of it worked. If you feel like you’ve tried it all, believe me so did I!

But when I finally stopped looking for the quick fix, and started focusing on implementing healthy habits, it clicked – the weight started to fall off, I had more energy, I felt confident in a bikini.

And more importantly, I knew I could maintain it because it wasn’t a diet, it wasn’t a fad – I had made some crucial shifts in my way of eating and training that didn’t feel extreme or restrictive that were sustainable.

And since discovering what those key shifts were more than 13 years ago, my weight hasn’t fluctuated more than a couple of kilos (apart from my two pregnancies and even then I was back to my previous weight within 3 months).

And believe me, I am not one of those “naturally skinny” women with a fast metabolism who seem to be able to eat anything and not put on a gram!

I just discovered what works, what not to waste your time on and how to get to your goals in the shortest and simplest way possible. And since then it has been my goal to help as many women as possible do the same. Even if you’re super busy, even if you’ve “tried it all”, even if you have kids and a partner and a career and no time to get to the gym every day and meal prep #likeaboss (who are those people anyway?!).

Those same strategies even helped me prepare for and compete in my first ever fitness comp at the age of 38, after having two kids (with the help of a coach!! Because remember, sometimes information alone is not enough and you need someone in your corner helping you to hit your goals!).

That’s me in the middle at my first fitness model comp in 2016 with two of my coaches – because even coaches need their own coaches to help them hit their goals!

Learning those strategies, implementing them into my own life and helping countless other women implement them into theirs is what led me to create my Very Important Goddess (VIG) 12-week transformation program.

In it, I will help you figure out the best strategies for YOU to reach YOUR goals. Yes it’s a personalised, tailored program for YOU, not another cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach that doesn’t take into account your individual circumstances, needs and desires.

  • Lose fat (and feel confident in your own skin)
  • Boost your energy so you can keep up with your kids and get through the day without hitting the dreaded 3pm slump
  • Cut through the confusion so you know what to eat and how much
  • Fit exercise into an already hectic schedule (without wasting your time of stuff that doesn’t work!)

If you are stuck in overwhelm and you want my help to figure out a plan of attack that will work for you, then click the link to book your FREE Fat-Loss Breakthrough Strategy Session with me.

There is no obligation to work with me by booking your call. As I said earlier, it’s my mission to share with as many women as possible my strategies to get your ideal body and boost your energy.

I will give you as much useful information as possible on our call to get you out of a rut and on your way to getting your mojo back.

If after our call you feel like I’ve given you some useful tips, and you’re happy to try to implement them on your own, I’ll be a happy coach. You have my promise – there will be no sleazy sales tactics!

If you decide on our call that you’d like me to help you implement those strategies into your life and provide support and accountability on your journey, then we can chat about whether you’d be a good fit for the VIG program.

So there’s nothing to lose. Worst case scenario, you walk away with some useful tips you can implement straight away to help you reach your goals.

Best case, we get to work together to ensure you smash your goals AND – my favourite part – that you feel empowered to continue on your journey at the end of our time together, knowing the tools you’ve learnt will serve you for life.

Because of the personalised nature of the coaching, I can only work with a handful of women at a time. And once I’ve filled those spots, you’ll have to go on the waiting list until another spot becomes available.

I have a cleared a few spots on my calendar to talk to women who are sick of being in a rut, who feel overwhelmed or just plain confused about where to start. If you are motivated to get your mojo back, to:

  • Lose those stubborn kilos
  • Feel more energetic
  • Get fitter, stronger and leaner
  • Feel more confident and more like yourself again

Here’s what a few of my VIG clients have said:

“Thank you so much for training me these past 12 weeks! It has been life changing! Xoxx “ -Liz

“Thank u so much for all your help, I feel like you have helped to put me on the right path. I really appreciate all your support and think you are amazing! Just to get the diet better has a big change, especially just how protein has stopped all the overeating and grazing – so fascinating!!! I also don’t feel hungry, which is really good!” -Lucia

If you want my help to get you on the right path; to work out what to eat and what to do when it comes to training, then BOOK A CALL with me now. I would love to help 🙂